Fate & Furies | The Legends of Thezmarr Book Three

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Fate & Furies | The Legends of Thezmarr Book Three

Fate & Furies | The Legends of Thezmarr Book ThreeFate & Furies Series: The Legends of Thezmarr #3
Published by ALCHEMY on February 22, 2024
Genres: Action & Adventure, Adult Romance, Epic, Fantasy Romance
Pages: 431
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Author
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Also in this series: Blood & Steel, Vows & Ruins

“I always knew you would be the end of me.”

With darkness cursing the world around her, Althea Zoltaire is desperate for vengeance. But as she hunts Wilder Hawthorne across the kingdoms, brutal secrets begin to unravel.

Not knowing what – or who – to trust, Thea and her companions find themselves entwined with a destiny far greater than one man. Together, they must navigate the haunting revelations that could shatter the very foundations of the midrealms.

Yet it’s not only the world at stake, but Thea’s heart too. As everything teeters on the verge of destruction, her fate collides once more with Wilder’s.

Will their reunion ignite the fiery passion between them amidst the ashes of betrayal? Or will it end in a heartbreaking, deadly showdown?

In a journey fraught with danger, where the lines between enemies and allies blur, Thea must decide where her loyalties lie, and who will stand at her side against the looming evil.

Get ready for an epic adventure brimming with steamy romance, and a sprawling world of magic and monsters. Fate & Furies is the penultimate book in the spellbinding epic romantic fantasy series, The Legends of Thezmarr and is perfect for fans of Fourth Wing, The Bridge Kingdom, and The Witcher.

My Thoughts

Let us just level set for a moment. I have read all of Helen’s series (minus a couple of novellas), swooned over them all in one way or another and then went off to purchase multiple versions… you always have to go back and listen to the audio right?! So I am 100% a Scheuerer Super Fan.

And Fate & Furies only further confirmed that.

If you have not gathered yet, this is the third book in a epic fantasy romance quartet which started with Blood & Steel, left my jaw on the floor at the end of Vows & Ruins, and continues with Fate & Furies.

I will try to keep this spoiler free for book three but there are definitely spoilers for the previous two books.

Fate & Furies picks up our story after the devastation of Vows & Ruins with our would-be Warsword, Thea, chasing the fallen-warsward, Wilder, and running from her broken heart across the midrealms. To say the betrayal sent her into blind rage would be an understatement. She is a woman possessed. And it is honestly her development from this rage (which was pretty infuriating at times as she would just lose all reason) to the warrior we saw at the end, that was the most spellbinding for me. Thea is such a raw & real character. She can be blinded & stubborn but also cares so deeply and is willing to truly own her mistakes. I absolutely LOVED her question at the end, her fierce love and strength to persevere. Thea’s journey is one that is going to be in my heart for a long time to come.

Outside Thea, I think Kipp is my next favorite character. Not only is he brilliant and hilarious but he comes with lore that always has me cackling when we see it come up. All the moments in the Singing Hare were so good. I need these taverns in my real life.

The pacing allowed for some fantastic moments that brought growth to our favorites but also breathing room for a bit of levity between the tension and action. That is, until you get to the last 4-5 chapters which were absolutely bananas and had my eyes wide, gasping & talking to myself huddled under a warm blanket. Again.


The Legends of Thezmarr is hands down one of my favorite fantasy series. It has everything I could ever want in a book from absolutely lovable characters, transporting world-building, high-stakes, beautiful transformations, and of course some spicy romance. Fate & Furies was nothing short of another incredible installment in this epic series. It was such an adventure to see how the threads & foreshadowing from the previous books came together and propelled the story into new twists & turns. I cannot wait to get my hands on the finale, Shadow & Storms!

Highly recommend this series!!

If you have not already picked it up, Blood & Steel is a MUST read. If you are already a fan, Fate & Furies will not disappoint!

Recommended for fans of: Epic adventures, bad ass heroines, broody but flirty warriors, The Bridge Kingdom, romantic fantasy, storm magic, feminine rage, a dash of The Witcher, and fantastic worlds.

I received this book for free from the author and agreed to provide an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.