Blood & Steel | Your Next Adult Romantasy Must Read

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Blood & Steel | Your Next Adult Romantasy Must ReadBlood & Steel by Helen Scheuerer
Series: The Legends of Thezmarr #1
Published by ALCHEMY on February 16, 2023
Genres: Fiction / Fantasy / Epic, Fiction / Romance / Fantasy
Pages: 504
Format: ARC
Source: Author
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Also in this series: Vows & Ruins, Fate & Furies

Perfect for fans of The Bridge Kingdom, From Blood and Ash and The Witcher, BLOOD & STEEL is an epic romantic fantasy with enemies-to-lovers, slow-burn spice, found family, and a sprawling world of magic and monsters.⁣

With her death foretold, Althea Zoltaire only has three years to become what she's always dreamed of being: a warrior legend.

Women are forbidden to wield blades, so she has trained in secret her entire life. Now racing against the clock, she fights to secure her place in the elite guild charged with the protection of the five kingdoms.

The sparring and hazing of the new trainees border on deadly, but even more dangerous is her growing attraction to Wilder Hawthorne, her unwilling warrior chaperone.

All around them, schemes are afoot and darkness looms.

Will Althea pass the perilous initiation test and take her place as a champion of Thezmarr - or will the invading evil snatch away her dream before it starts?

If you like fierce sword-wielding heroines and brooding, tortured heroes, you will devour this sexy, addictive fantasy adventure.

Blood & Steel is the gripping first book in the heart-pounding, epic romantic fantasy series, The Legends of Thezmarr.

My Thoughts

I know it is early, but Blood & Steel is already one of my favorite books of 2023 and I have no doubt will remain the top of that list. It was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Helen Scheuerer SLAYED her adult romantic fantasy debut my friends.

Blood & Steel has something for every fantasy lover. Already a fan of Helen? You will have fun with the Easter eggs. Love badass heroines? Meet Thea. What about grumpy warriors? Helllooo Wilder. Found family? Got that. Slow burn romance with some enemies to lovers vibes? Got that too. Epic world building, danger, and adventure? Yes. Yes. YES.

I LOVED this book. The plot, world, and character development created a story that I absolutely could not put down. Althea is such a relatable character with so much fight yet is not afraid to make a mistake or admit when she is wrong. With her death foretold in a world that refuses to allow her to be the one thing she has always dreamed of, a warrior, Althea is single-minded and relentless in reaching her goal. She is brash, headstrong, with glimpses of vulnerability and absolutely my new favorite heroine.

Wilder Harthorne, a Warsword known as the Hand of Death, is everything Thea is dying to become with an extra helping of “why am I here” grumpy warrior. If you are a fan of The Witcher, Wilder definitely has some Geralt vibes but just… more. There is something captivating about him. Especially when juxtaposed with Thea and how she draws him, whether he likes it or not. Prepare to swoon.

The are a number of side characters who I found to be absolutely fantastic. From the family Thea finds during training to the other alchemists who always have her back, they are vibrant elements of Thea’s story already. Especially her sister. She had me seriously laughing out loud early on.


Overall, Blood & Steel was an exhilarating adventure and romantic fantasy at its absolute best! If you have read Helen’s other books or any of my past reviews of her books, you know she masterfully transports her readers to completely captivating worlds. I was once again, mesmerized by Thezmarr and on the edge of my seat anxious to see what would happen next. The characters were beautifully developed, well-rounded and easy to love. The romantic tension was palatable and so perfectly done. And the storytelling was engaging and easy to get lost in (usually way past the time I should be sleeping). All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the monsters and magic yet. THERE ARE MONSTERS AND MAGIC!

Blood and Steel was brilliant, brutal and absolutely breathtaking. Definitely a must read.

Blood and Steel hits shelves on February 16, 2023!

Recommended for fans of: Epic adventures, bad ass heroines, broody but flirty warriors, The Bridge Kingdom, romantic fantasy, a dash of The Witcher, and fantastic worlds.

I received this book for free from the author and agreed to provide an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.