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Wander With Me Wednesday: Beijing, China

Wander With Me Wednesday: Beij..

Posted July 25, 2018 by ReadandWander in Travel / 0 Comments

Hi Wanderers! Have you ever looked around and wondered ‘how is this even my life?‘ And not in the ‘everything is falling apart, Murphy go away‘ kinda way (been there too) but in real awe that you have the privilege of being in that very moment. That was my experience hiking the Great Wall of […]

5 Reasons You Should Visit Korea Right Now

5 Reasons You Should Visit Kor..

Posted February 28, 2018 by ReadandWander in Travel / 2 Comments

I miss Korea. If I could go back, I would without a second thought. It wasn’t always this way though. Shortly after my husband and I eloped… in Vegas… on a helicopter… we found out the military was stationing us in Korea. I was 23, just graduated from college (the first time) and had no […]