About Me

Welcome to Read and Wander!

I’m your guide, Nikki. My favorite people call me Mama Bear but occasionally I’m Dr. Outside of family and running a mental health clinic, I read obsessively. Turns out stress and ambition have been good for my Goodreads Challenges. Personally, books should be read with good coffee and chocolate when ever possible. Fresh air, loud music, exercise, travel,  and diving into a fantasy world or wandering in space keeps me sane. I also love sports and am a huge Stars Wars nerd. This blog started as a creative outlet to for coping with postpartum depression (and serious case of wanderlust) but what I found was a community I absolutely adore. I hope you find something here that you connect with!

Random Facts:

The Red Rising Saga, The Ember in the Ashes Quartet, The Only Good Indians, and Curses of the Cyren Queen Quartet are a few of my all time favorite books.

I am a life long Seattle Seahawks fan and now a massive Seattle Kraken fan. Hockey has become life!

Twilight is my favorite time of day. Not for the sparkly vampires here in the PNW but the magic of the world being both dark and bright for a brief time. Close second moment would be the stillness of the first snow, especially at night.

Some of my many obsessions include twenty øne piløts, Linkin Park and having a playlist for pretty much everything. Music has healed life’s battle wounds, many times over.

It took until my 30s to run willingly and enjoy it. Mostly.

If I ever changed professions it would be to study space. Or become a Jedi. Or a Mandalorian. Probably a Mandalorian.

Pizza is my kryptonite.

Genres I Love to Read:

  • SciFi
  • Fantasy
  • Paranormal
  • Historical Fantasy/Romance
  • Mystery & Suspense
  • Adult & New Adult Romance

My Rating System:

1 = Terrible and probably didn’t finish
2 = Okay but not my cup of tea
3 = “Are you not entertained?” I definitely was…
4 = Loved it!
5 = Binged read, epic book handover and had withdrawals. Reread…

What are some of your bookish or travel obsessions?