The Stars Beyond the Stone | The Price of Magic #3 ARC Review

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The Stars Beyond the Stone | The Price of Magic #3 ARC ReviewThe Stars Beyond the Stone by Bonnie Wynne
Series: The Price of Magic #3
Published by Talem Press on September 16, 2021
Genres: Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Wizards & Witches
Pages: 568
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Publisher
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The Scions roam free, and only the sorceress can hunt them…

After the battle with storm god Molech Suun, a city is in ruins and a new Archmage holds the Syndicate’s leash. But while Gwyn has accepted her fate – to hunt down and destroy the remaining Scions – her loyalty is still to her old master Faolan, held captive by a cunning necromancer.

Saving Faolan means leaving the wizards and the Clockwork City behind. With the shapeshifter Lucian at her side, Gwyn embarks on a dangerous journey across the sea, to lands where pirate kings rule and wild magic sings.

But sorceresses are heir to a dark legacy of blood – and Gwyn soon finds that she’s the one being hunted.

The Scions want her dead, and a new enemy sends threats and warnings that can’t be ignored. As Gwyn struggles to balance her desires and her destiny, she finds herself unprepared for what awaits her beyond the city walls. And far to the south, amid the ashes of a fallen kingdom, a familiar foe is setting deadly plans in motion…

The Stars Beyond the Stone is the dazzling third instalment in Bonnie Wynne’s epic fantasy saga, The Price of Magic.

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My Thoughts

@#%@#$TW$%^#$ That ending !!! My heart. Where is book 4?!? I need book 4. *floats away in a river of tears*

Okay dramatics aside…

I am not okay

Before we go further, if you didn’t note the title of the review… this is book 3 in The Price of Magic series and if you have not read the previous books, chances are you will be spoiled. This is your warning. If you are interested, check out my less spoiler filled review of book 2, A Wind From the Rift, (my favorite to date) here.

That out of the way, The Stars Beyond the Stone picks up in the aftermath of Rift with Gwyn as Archmage-Eternal and the Ninth Sorceress, Idris leading the Syndicate as Archmage, Lucian as my favorite shape-shifter and several Scions needing defeated. However, the first section of the book is focused on rescuing her old master, Faolan, who we learn is still alive somewhere.

What I absolutely love about The Price of Magic series is that each installment expands on the world and mythology in a really beautiful way. Whynne masterfully peels back the world, layer by layer, with a new insight and mystery at each turn. In Stars, we travel from the confines of the Syndicate stronghold to the wide open seas, full of islands where pirate kings reign and power struggles ensue then to the caverns of Jhabahabi where the shapeshifters rule. It was really interesting to view these new lands through Gywn’s unique and very sheltered lens.

And I have so many questions!

While I found Stars to be completely engaging with the right amount of tension to keep the story moving forward, there were so many unanswered questions that it felt a bit more like a bridge book than its predecessor. Like what is going on with Alcide? I am getting a vibe there, especially with Gwyn. How is Ailbhe so powerful and where in the heck did she find dragons? I need answers!

Other questions feel more about characterization, like my (formerly) dear Lucian. Gah. What the heck man?!?! I cannot even go further with that one without spoilers. But WHY?!?! And Gwyn. Part of me adores that she has all this power that she is fully unequipped to deal with but on the other side I find myself wanting to shake some confidence into her. Really, this is what makes her a FANTASTIC character. She is beautifully flawed, complicated and, despite her power, she is incredibly vulnerable at times. I cannot wait to see where Bonnie takes her.


The Price of Magic series continues to be an absolutely wild ride with a lush world, beautifully flawed characters, and endings that leave you demanding the next book. While I had hoped The Stars Beyond the Stone would have some resolution, we are left more with questions than answers. And you know what? It means I am counting down the days until the finale (please tell me its still a quartet cause a girl needs some answers).

Recommended for fans of: traveling fantasy stories, quests, sorcerers, found family, interesting fantasy worlds, fast-paced endings, and blood magic